The FireFan Social Sports App

By now you have heard the buzz about the new exciting social sports app FireFan and are probably dying to know what it is about. Or maybe you just want more information about FireFan to see if it is worth your time to download. In any case, we have what you are looking for. For the first time FireFan is a sports app that has been made where you can play along and actually talk to your sports heroes and other people who share your passion for your team and not just a bunch of random players from all over the league like in fantasy football. Instead, use the knowledge of your favorite team that you know and love to make predictions before the game and while the game is live. Why not use those gut-wrenching hours spent from watching your team and with it a deep understanding of how your team calls plays to beat other people who only kind of know their team.

The Predictions

What are the pregame predictions? Well, some of the common pregame predictions are simple ones you would expect like, "which team will win?" or "will your quarterback pass for over 250 yards". The points you earn from this prediction are based on the actual game odds. So, an under dog will win more points if you pick them vs a team favored to win. It's basically the same scenario as if your were betting. If your are good at betting on football you will most likely do well in this app.
Other pregame predictions might be "Will the combined score be lower or higher than 20 before halftime"?
"How many passings yards will the home team quarter back get"?
"Which team will have the most penalties in the first half"? etc
Pregame is for both free and paid players. This means anybody can make pregame predictions.
If you want to play in live mode, or while the game is playing in real time. You need to be a paid player or have a subscription. If you want to try the paid version for free or just want free tokens, enter this code iplayfree. If you haven't registered click this link.

Some live game mode predictions might be "Will your team score a touchdown on the current drive, punt, safety, or field goal"?

"Will they pass or rush on this down"?

Paid Subscription vs Free Play

You are probably wondering if you should pay for the subscription or just keep using the app for free. Well, the short answer to that is you can try it for free by entering this code.
If you don't want to play premium for free for some reason keep reading. The main difference between the free and paid subscription is the paid version allows you to play live and the free version only lets you make pregame predictions. The live mode in FireFan is where the action really is. Besides racking up more points from live game mode predictions in addition, you can chat with other players playing the live game mode. There are also celebrities and past sports stars who will be on the chat. That is a pretty awesome and unique feature. You can also join leagues in FireFan much like fantasy football leagues where a group of your friends play online in a closed league.

If you are a free player you can earn tokens by watching advertisements to play the premium mode. So, you can enjoy premium Fire Fan for free just by watching advertisements. I love playing the game and I think you will too. I would say give Fire Fan a shot!